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medical assistant course in Malaysia

You are interested to pursue a job in the medical field, but you do not know what to be? Well, this article will tell you what jobs that are able in the medical field. The medical field is really important in every country because they will be the people to treat us if we are sick or need any serious treatment. 

medical assistant course in Malaysia

medical assistant course in Malaysia


If you have the qualification and interest in pursuing a job in the medical field, go for it. Here are some jobs that you might be interested in that are related to the medical field. 


Medical Records Administrator 


Hospitals have lots of records from their patients to the types of drugs in the hospital. All of these records are important for the hospital to be working well and loss of records can cause a miscommunication between the staff. That is why medical records administrator is really important in the hospital, they will be the person in charge of organizing every record in the hospitals. Without their assistance doctors and nurses will have trouble knowing which patients need which treatments. 




We go to the hospital when something is wrong with our body doesn’t matter which part it is, there is always a professional at the hospital that can help us. Optometry is someone that is professional in vision and eye-sights. If we have any troubles with our vision they will be the ones that treat us and they will tell us what kind of treatment that we need. Whether we need to wear glasses or an eye drop they will assist us. 


Medical assistant 


Medical health care is the person in charge to assist the doctors in hospitals or clinics. They will be the ones to take us to where we need to go, they will check our blood pressure and also take notes of our height and weight. If you are interested in pursuing this job you can further your study in the medical assistant course in Malaysia. Having this qualification will qualify you to be a medical assistant at any hospital or clinic. 




If you love taking care of your teeth maybe you can pursue your interest in becoming a dentist. We all know that dentist is someone that fixes our teeth whenever we have a hole or tooth decayed, however, do you that if there is any surgery that will be focusing on teeth area dentist is the only qualified person to handle that surgery. Once you have become a dentist you can start to pursue more detailed specialties like orthodontics or, endodontics. 


There are many career options in the world of medical you don’t always have to be a doctor or a nurse to be able to help others. You can choose a career that suits you well and something that you can do with full passion. Remember to want to work in medical care not only do you need to be smart but you also need passion and compassion to help the one that is in need. 


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