How to Match Your Watch with Your Outfit

1. Bend the rules for heirloom watches.

Heirloom watches symbolize a legacy. These timepieces are typically worn in memory of the original owner, or as a good luck charm. Don’t subject your heirloom piece for any rule with regards to clothes. This is because it is not worn based on the latest fashion and trends. Clearly, it is a reminder of culture and family history.

2. Match your timepiece to your shoes.

Are you thinking of getting a new mechanical watch in Malaysia? Mechanical watches are beautiful, most especially with a high-quality leather strap. What leather strap color should you get? Will that color match your shoes?

The color black is always dressier. However, it doesn’t mean that it should be a default choice. If you have a brown strap, go for brown shoes. If you want a versatile watch, pick one with interchangeable leather bands. You can also buy more colors, but usually, one black and brown will suffice.

3. The formality of your watch should perfectly match the formality of your outfit.

Do you prefer analog or digital watches? Your choice of watch would depend on your daily activities. If you attend business conferences and meetings most of the time, then most probably, you need a dress watch.

Dress watches are usually analog ones. These are considered as more formal and classic, making them suitable for dates and formal occasions. Digital watches, on the other hand, have LED faces and LCD displays, and are regarded as casual.

4. Leather complements leather.

Let the color and material of your shoes serve as reference to your chosen watch band. Begin by matching your shoes and belts. For instance, wear your black watch band with black belt and shoes, and a brown band with brown shoes and belt. Again, interchangeable watch bands are good options for those who have plenty of shoes in different colors.

5. Metal complements metal.

The watch’s metal case, or the frame around its face, must complement all the metal accents of the other accessories. This case can be round, polygonal, rectangular and square. Meanwhile, its finish can be matte, shiny, inlaid with crystals or patterned.

If you have a rose gold watch, make sure to wear it with gold belt buckle. That is close enough.

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