How To Build An In-Home Theatre

Building a home cinema room is typically the ultimate pinnacle of home renovation. Having an in-home theatre is everyone’s dream. It is way more convenient than having to go out and watch movies at the cinema and fulfil your entertainment needs. You will only have to spend a lot of money one time and after that, all is free!

acoustic wall panel MalaysiaIt is more than just a sofa and screen like everyone said. You will need the right lighting and sound to make it be like a real cinema. Here are few things that you will need to do if you want to build an in-home cinema at your place:

Find the best location in your house

This is the most important thing that you need to consider if you are planning to build an in-house theatre. Dedicate one room in your house for theatre or any other screening place such as a room to play video games, karaoke and any other things that require screen and a closed room.

Make sure the room has a strong internet connection especially if you are going to watch movies online; Netflix, Amazon Prime or BluRay Movies. The room does not necessarily have to be a spacious room or long room because you will have to make sure the distance of the audience from the screen is just as perfect as it should be.

Install soundproof wall

If you are living in a neighbourhood and there are some houses around yours, make sure to install any soundproof wall or panels. Rectangular windowless rooms offer superior acoustics than square ones, but you may not be able to rebuild specifically for your home cinema.

In-home theatre usually produces loud sound from the sounding system and soundproof walls can help to control sound between the home theatre. Sound absorption panels help to prevent echoes, you can easily find any acoustic wall panel in Malaysia. If you feel like the soundproof wall is not enough, installing carpets may help improve acoustics and provide viewers with more comfort.

Light and sound control

In-home theatre might be the only place in your house that you will want to limit the ambient light. Ambient light is the natural light from the surrounding outside of your house or room. Have you ever been to any bright cinema? No, right? It is because it is very weird to have a bright cinema. Light makes the projection of the light from the projector look bad and will ruin the whole movie projection.

Ambient sound control is also needed as you don’t want sounds of you sister cooking or your neighbour plumbing to destroy your whole theatre experience. If you have windows at your in-home theatre, it is suggested that you put thick curtains to make sure there will be no ambient light and sound that will disturb your concentration.

Comfortable seating

This can be considered as essentials because it depends on how you want your theatre to be. Having a comfortable seat will give you a better experience while watching movies. You can put a sofa bed or any type of seating you prefer. Choose anything that does not need high maintenance and is comfortable for everyone.

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