How to Achieve Success Online This 2019 and Beyond: 7 Web Design Tips

Phase out sliders.

If you want to decrease the amount of distractions on your web pages, phase out sliders. Sliders are very similar to side bars, and create too much options for people to choose from. What you need to focus on instead are typography and user experience.

Learn more about A/B testing.

If you are looking for quality website design services for your new website, see to it to hire professionals who have vast knowledge on A/B testing. They should be able to help you test your pages before going live.

Use different style guides.

Several designers are now creating their very own style guides in order to ensure that they are incorporating uniform styles in their project pages. If you are in search of a generic style guide, all you need to do is search online. Any well-written guide can help you with your routine.

Use bigger font sizes.

The big, bold typography has been going on for many years now. Through this, you can easily capture the attention of your users, and lead them towards your most important content. Remember that readability plays a major role in website design.

Leverage on Google’s Material Design.

Do you know that Google ramped up the use of its Material Design philosophy back in 2014? If you are one of those people who have practiced the flat web design trend from way back, then it’s time for you to shift to the Material Design bandwagon.

Create more space.

Try creating more space in your web pages to provide some breathing room for your users. This would help a reader focus on the most important aspects, rather than just noticing unnecessary features and elements. Negative spaces can also help gain a much better user experience.

Responsive Design is not optional. It’s a requirement.

Your website should be accessed by people anytime and anywhere they want. Mobile usage continues to grow year by year, so you need to get your website ready for all the changes.

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