Have a GREAT Sex Life with these 7 Healthy Habits

Surprise, sex life in the bedroom doesn’t begin banging. It begins by caring for your mind and body an how you promote men enhancement

This might seem like a BOLD question, but if your age is between 18-88, it has to be asked! You have GREAT intercourse? You know the kind of company of which I talk! Droping of chin, pinning of walls, wet-and-night sex sheets. The kind of’ island sex kitchen’? Hold on… NO? Well, then maybe you want to start by taking my below favorite healthy lifestyles! These will definitely raise your libido and louange you for years to come!

1.) Install a Juicing Program!

It is one of the kindest souls you could do for yourself to begin the day with a large liquid. But did you also know it’s Marvels for the libido as well? That’s sure! Health helps the body to detox. If your body is clean, it needs to get clean:) Sexual desire…

I know what you will tell me! I know what you will tell me! “But I have no time for Andrea!”Here I am, you do, to tell you! Did you know that your juice really FREEZE! Yeah! Yep! Yep! This is real! It is true! Certainly, it’s going to lose several enzymes but it will not hurt anything if it fills a jar nearly top of it with fresh vegetable juice and puts a lid on it to freeze overnight. The big benefits of juicing will still be yours! See and see my juicing recipe at the beginning of this post!

2.) Keep your body moving!

Are you aware that only 35 minutes are required to influence your body, mood and sex life? Walking, weight rebounding, ALL good! It can not only make your blues go and your tush strong, it can pump your lymph system! A white substance called lymphatic fluid in our body is controlled through a lymph system. You don’t have to move the lymph on your own! Hey and guess what else will be done once it leaves! You guessed correctly! Your sex drive! Your sex drive! So go for the woods, the rebounder or the fitness center!

3.) Have Yoga

You don’t have to learn the benefits of yoga as a yoga instructor. You can relax with the breath alone. Yoga will restore and balance your body for at least 24 hours after your workout. You will be mentally and physically tested and praised, regardless of whether it is bikram, hot yoga, Hatha, Iyengar or Ashtanga! Were you aware that it puts you in mood when you feel RELAXED? Try to hit a yoga class 2-3 times a week and see your sex life on the rooftop!

4.) Get enough hours of sleep,

You heard about sleeping for 8 hours, yeah? How about six? How about six? The irony is that many of us have to sleep for 8 full hours, but many other people do not! But this is a fact! Do not have sex sleep= no! For men in particular, this is true! If your eye is not shut, you think your body will take it if it needs it…… in the middle of your eyes!

5.) I’m sure you could do this, shut off your TV, cell & computer!

The truth is that these distractions are VERY unsafe for your partner. Trust me that closing the shop will open up in the bedroom a world of opportunities!

6.) Make Tonic herbal!

An entire book about this subject, I could and ought to write! You’re cheating if you don’t take adaptogenic plants! I make a blend with ten adaptogenic herbs every morning. I’m not alone, obviously. For the better performance, many athletes use modifications, such as ginseng. Do your homework before entering the woods because everyone is unique and will need a different set of herbs and quantity

7.) The power of essence of oil devotion!

I’m not going to bet that you knew … Don’t say shhh, but the essential oils will stimulate FAR more than your sense of smell!

  • Ylang Ylang – It doesn’t just smell amazing, virtually everybody likes it! When your gal is wearing it, watch what happens!
  • Clary Sage–This is another oil for your lady as you get dressed! This olive oil has a rich, sweet and euphoric taste. The hormonal equilibrium is usually maintained within the organism. You will surely experience a low libido if your hormones are out of whack! A low sex drive results in a low libido!
  • Cinnamon Bark–Cinnamon smells like a sexual Christmas, a strong brain tone. It is known for its energy increase and its physical fatigue reduction. It is also known as the oil of sexual harmony.
  • Indigo Blue Spruce-This pine oil is known to boost testosterone in men! You’re going to love the smell too! As non-toxic carpet refresher, I’m sprinkling it around my home!

My perfect juicing secret is here!
Green Goddess Elixir:

  • 7 lacinated kale
  • 1/2 green beet; 1/2 rind citrus:
  • 1 Fuja smith apple;
  • 1/2 cucumber; and 4 celery stalks —
  • 1/2 cucumber:
  • 4 celery stalks:
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