Gambling 101

Gambling 101

Gambling 101: 10 Easy Gambling Guidelines

What is that one casino card game you want to learn other than 918kiss? Are you interested in learning craps? There is no doubt that craps is an amazing casino game with a long, glorious history. Below are some guidelines you should keep in mind.

1. Check out the people at the table.

The boxman’s job is to oversee the whole game, and see to it that it runs smoothly. He or she is seated at the middle of the table. At this right or left is the dealer. Across him is the stickperson.

2. Learn the basics of the game.

Gambling 101
Are you familiar with Pass Line and Don’t Pass? These are the game’s 2 basic bets. Before risking your hard-earned money, make sure that you understand every concept that dominates the game.

3. Reduce the house edge through the odds bet.

Playing Don’t Pass and Pass Line are not really good bets. However, you can reduce the house advantage more by leveraging on a bet known as “the odds.”

4. Learn more about the two other bets with low percentages—the Come and Don’t Come Bets.

They function just like Don’t Pass and Pass bets. The main difference? They are created right after the shooter has established the point. The Don’t Come-Come bets are merely games within the game. Just like the Don’t Pass and Pass bets, the players are also offered the odds option.

5. Place the bets.

This is the last bet with a low percentage. It is the “placing” of the 8 or 6, which can be accomplished anytime. In here, you just need to place a particular wager in multiples of 6 dollars.

6. Buy the Numbers.

Some casinos allow you to purchase the 10 or 4, and only pay commission if the specific bet wins. This can reduce the house advantage on a usual $25 buy to 1.3%. These buy bets are the same with place bets, and can be eliminated at any moment during the card game.

7. Learn about the bets you should avoid.

Gambling 101
Not all bets in the craps layout are worth making, since they come with different house advantages.

8. Know all of the rules.

It is imperative to understand all the rules first before playing in a casino. Of course, you wouldn’t want the boxman and the dealers to scold you.

9. Understand the culture.

Craps, in itself, is a different world. While playing craps, there are superstitions you should adhere to.

10. Strategize.

A good, successful play always comes with a strategy. Obey all the rules, and adhere to the game’s superstitions.

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