Benefits Of Living On Campus

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When it comes to where to live while attending university, you have several alternatives. You can live in the neighbourhood with your parents or relatives, rent an apartment nearby, or live on campus. There are a lot of pros and cons especially in terms of money, comfortability and academic achievements. Some might say that it is better to live with your family or at any rental house nearby but, there are several reasons why living on campus may be highly advantageous, especially during your first few years of college.

sarjana muda perubatan dan pembedahanHere are 6 benefits of living on campus that people should know and take into consideration:

  1.       Save money

Being a student, there are only two possibilities; saving money or spending money. You choose which is the best for you and living on campus surely will save most of your money. First of all, the hostel fee is way cheaper than renting a house. It is also easier to get food at an affordable price from the campus cafes because only students will buy from them. Living on campus also cuts your transportation cost because you can just walk around to get to your destination. You won’t have to pay for fuel and public transport and can use your money on more important things.

  1.       Shorter travelling time

As mentioned above, campus is usually close to various facilities that you can find such as gym, cafeteria and library which is way convenient for a student. You can get there anytime you want and will take less time than having to commute from someplace far from the facilities. When driving, you must consider traffic as well as the time it will take to park your car and walk to class.

  1.       Better social life

While college is about studying and broadening your horizons, it is also about meeting friends and having fun. Living on campus will undoubtedly make both of these things possible for you. On campus, you will be living with your friends and mostly you will be able to make new friends even with people from different courses. At the same time, it helps to improve your social skills such as communication skills as you will meet a lot of people.

  1.       Learn to be independent

Being a student will give you a lot of experience and that will make you a better person by being able to be independent. As soon as you grow up and start working, you will have to fully depend on yourself. You have to earn everything by yourselves such as good grades, countless job offers and promotions at work. All of that requires you to be an independent person which living on campus will help you to achieve.

  1.       Get better grades

One of the biggest reasons to live on campus is that there is data to show that individuals who live on campus during their first year of college earn better marks than those who do not. Their data also revealed that students who lived on campus were nearly twice as likely to reach the Dean’s List. You will have more time to focus on your study especially when you are taking Sarjana Muda Perubatan dan Pembedahan. You also don’t have to think of unnecessary things like doing house chores or cooking for your family.

  1.       Participation in activities

You will have immediate access to university activities if you reside on campus. A short walk or bus trip from your hostel will take you to the student union for debates, lectures, and creative activities. It helps to add more certificates and experience that you can include in your resume or during job interviews. When you live off campus, it might be tough to attend all of the university’s student-sponsored activities.


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